Public VCS Issue Tags Concept

Most public VSC hosters like GitLab or MS GitHub allow ted issues being tagged for easier management. Depending on size of the project and amount of issues it is advisable to use some kind of concept for those tags and not just randomly tag issues.

Parts of the concept

The concept is based on a fixed ruleset of flexible sections, types, definitions and specifications, each prefixed with a special character that hierarchically correct sorts the parts.


The section describes the top-level part of the project. This could be a certain component of an application, a submodule used in the code, a logically separated area of the project, etc.



A type basically is the reason the issue was created for. Think of it as “what's the main topic of that issue”.



The definition can be used to specify on a meta level what the issue is for.



With the specification an issue can be further defined.


The _Definition and ~specification tags can be used when needed or omitted if not. @Section and [Type] should always be used because they classify an issue on a higher level.


An application has a feature to connect to an external API but the connection fails because the external API provider changed the API. It is not possible to solve the issue without further assistance.

An user has an idea to add a new option to the parsing library and wants to discuss this idea with other users and the maintainers

One of the developers finds a bug in the screen recording feature of the application but cannot reliably reproduce it on other machines.