Suggested Mods

Here are mods I suggest for everyday simple “classic” Minetest Game game play.

Own mods

I am biased towards using those mods because I created them.

Mod nameShort descriptionResources
Agricultural Flower GrowingGrow flowers on growing tablesGitLab
CementCraftable and “makeable“ cement blocksGitLab, CDB
Hunger NGCustomizable and extendable hunger systemGitLab, CDB
Industrial MeseCraftable “industrial” Mese crystalsGitLab, CDB
StreetlightsMese-based street lights system & APIGitLab
Super Duper Walls!Autoconnecting walls from various nodesGitLab, CDB
TimespeedConfigurable day/night time speedsGitLab, CDB
Unified HammersHammers that can be used to crush nodesGitLab, CDB
mTimerShowing ingame and reallife times and periodsGitLab, CDB
redefMinor Redefinitions (behavior, textures)GitLab, CDB
xCoalExtra coal variants (game-agnostic)GitLab, CDB

3rd-party mods

I think those mods are useful additions to Minetest Game.

Mod nameShort descriptionResources
3D ArmorArmor that is visible to other playersGitHub, CDB
Animal MobsFriendly mobs for (uses Mobs Redo)NotABug, CDB
Baked ClayBake clay into hardened blocksNotABug, CDB
BonemealBonemeal for quickly growing thingsNotABug, CDB
Boost CartImproved minecarts and more rail typesGitHub, CDB
Builtin ItemBetter version of some built-in itemsNotABug, CDB
Cave Realms LiteUnderground realms (better compatibility)GitHub, CDB
Connected ChestsMake bigger default chestsGitHub, CDB
Display ModpackVarious dynamic signs and displaysGitHub, CDB
Farming RedoExtended and compatible farming modNotABug, CDB
MeseconsItems related to digital circuitryGitHub, CDB
Mobs RedoModern and extendable mobs APINotABug, CDB
Monster MobsHostile mobs for (uses Mobs Redo)NotABug, CDB
More BlocksA lot of new decorative blocksNotABug, CDB
More OresAdds tin, silver and mithril oresGitHub, CDB
PipeworksUsable pipes and item transport tubesGitHub, CDB
ReplacerReplacement tool for creative buildingGitHub, CDB
TechnicMachinery and automation procedure itemsGitHub, CDB
TravelnetConfigurable fast-travel network systemGitHub, CDB
Tree Cutter“Fair” tree cutting mod for survival modeGitHub, CDB
World BordersVisible barriers at world bottom/edgesGitHub, CDB